Before enrolling in NetLogix’ Managed Services Program, we were hit twice with ransomware viruses. Each time they originated from an Outside Salesperson’s laptop and encrypted files on our file server shares. The hackers also destroyed our backup jobs and unfortunately for us, we had to pay the ransom. In both instances these were major disruptions to our business and productivity costing us tens of thousands of dollars.

Partnering with NetLogix has been the best decision we could have made. Since then, they have deployed cloud managed anti-virus, tightened down the laptops and inbound firewall rules, instituted network content security, managed the installation of all security patches for both the operating system and third party programs, provided email security and anti-spam services, and deployed a robust and reliable backup and disaster recovery solution utilizing Datto Professional backup appliances. We haven’t been hit with any further ransomware in two years and we’re happy to say we can sleep well at night knowing NetLogix is managing our network. That kind of peace of mind is priceless.